Change Log

Source code for previous releases can be found at

v0.6.0, 2021/01/03

  • Added purification of density operators.
  • Added reduced density operators for states and density operators.
  • Added convenience method for computing density operator from single pure state.
  • Added method for computing computational basis measurement probabilities from density operators.
  • More efficient partial trace for density operators.
  • Tests for the above.

v0.5.0, 2019/06/20

  • Added density operators, along with operator application, qubit permutation, and measurement functionality.

v0.4.0, 2019/04/22

  • Supports Python 3.4.3
  • Added phase gate, pi/8 gate.
  • Added rotation gates.
  • Can now add, subtract, negate, scalar-multiply states (and operators).
  • State re-normalization is now done after operator application and measurement.
  • New __str__ and __repr__ methods of operators and states.
  • Can now get Kronecker product column vector/matrix representations of states and operators, and construct them from those representations.
  • Can now compute the Schmidt number of a composite state.
  • Can now permute the incoming and outgoing qubits of an operator in the same way as can be done to states.
  • Can now apply d-qubit operators to n-qubit operators where n>d by supplying the indices of the higher-rank operator that the lower-rank operator will apply to. Unified implementation with implementation of applying operator to larger state, simplifying the __call__ method of Operator.

v0.3.0, 2019/03/12

  • Added methods to permute or swap qubits in a state
  • There is now a flag when measuring the state that determines whether or not the measured qubits are removed from the state vector
  • Added a method to get the adjoint/inverse of an operator
  • Can now measure an arbitrary number of bits at once, in any order
  • Measuring a state now modifies it, rather than returning the post-measurement state
  • Operators can now be applied to qubits in arbitrary order
  • Added Toffoli gate
  • Loosened requirements to >python3.4.3 and >= numpy1.11.3
  • Added unit tests
  • Added documentation

v0.2.0, 2019/03/09

  • API change for Operator construction, and added documentation.

v0.1.0, 2019/03/08

  • Initial release.